November 2016

2016 Wed November 30 21:01

. @climagic you can also use `-s 1024` to display long strings. (the default is quite short)

2016 Wed November 30 20:01

Just make sure to set the correct NTDII define before including Shlobj.h :)

2016 Wed November 30 19:57

See SHGetKnownFolderPath for…

2016 Wed November 30 19:56

#TIL When Microsoft depreciates an API, they only keep the "wide" version, no need for -DUNICODE or 'W' suffix

2016 Wed November 30 19:55

New UI for #neovim:…
See pull request here:…

2016 Tue November 29 20:56

@siosm I see comments are still disabled on your blog :P
I suggest you at least consider using isso:
Cheers !

2016 Tue November 29 20:49

RT @UnixToolTip: Can install GNU versions of Unix utilities on Mac with homebrew:

brew install coreutils

GNU versions will have a 'g' pre…

2016 Tue November 29 20:24

In related news, I just used my first 'manylinux' #python #wheel :)
(It's the excellent ruamel.yaml library, if you're wondering)

2016 Tue November 29 20:18

#python Cool #pypa project:
"Taking lessons learned from Composer, Cargo, Yarn, NPM, Bundler, and friends"

2016 Thu November 24 19:48

I've signed this manifesto today: #ResponsibleCoder
You should consider signing it too.

2016 Sun November 20 18:39

.@d_merej #TIL: the .style property of a DOM element is _not_ the computed style.
The proper way to do that is to use toggleClass

2016 Sun November 20 16:38

PS: I use this code to toggle the spoiler:
Why do I need to test both style='' _and_ style="none" ?

2016 Sun November 20 16:33

New #blog post: A Simple Problem…

2016 Sun November 20 14:54

New link added to
You Are Not Paid to Write Code:…

2016 Sun November 20 14:54

New link added to
Developer Driven Developemnt:…

2016 Sat November 12 14:17

New link added to
Code smells:

2016 Wed November 09 23:16

New link added to
A Brief, Incomplete and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages:…

2016 Wed November 09 21:36

#neovim new incremental, live feedback in action:

2016 Wed November 09 16:38

Epic merge just landed in #neovim:…
Show effects of the command as you type. (:s only for now)
Good work team!

2016 Wed November 09 13:59

#vim plug-in from last night: vim-startify by @_mhinz_ 

2016 Sat November 05 22:40

New link added to

2016 Sat November 05 17:48

You can now leave comments on my #blog…
Powered by #isso:
Enjoy :)

2016 Thu November 03 19:14

#TIL You can disable assertions in #Python code by using -O

2016 Wed November 02 19:41

New link added to
Darling: macOS translation layer for Linux: