May 2016

2016 Mon May 30 15:00

Switched my blog to #hugo (a static web generator written in Go)

Thanks @spf13 for such a great tool!

2016 Sat May 28 15:38

New blog post: Never type the same path twice:…

2016 Thu May 26 21:05

Here's vimbuddy in action:

2016 Thu May 26 20:47

Add a smiley in your #vim status line:…
(It's very old, so you'll need this patch:…)

2016 Thu May 26 20:34

@dabeaz @raymondh occasionally, but never with lines starting with 'import' (where the code is executed: scary!)

2016 Wed May 25 13:54

For years I've been using <Ctrl-A><Ctrl-K> to clear my #cli prompt.
Finally today I learned about <Ctrl-U>
#BetterLateThanNever :)

2016 Mon May 23 17:14

Trying to record terminal #cli sessions? Use @asciinema it's awesome!
Example here:

2016 Sun May 22 19:03

Note: does not work with Ctrl-Z, but I don't think it's doable

2016 Sat May 21 20:08

Set working dir of the shell that started #vim after it exits:…
More explanations on soon :)

2016 Sat May 21 18:39

#ReproducibleBuilds A tool is coming into existence and needs your feedback:…
(Plus it'll be written in #Python)

2016 Sat May 21 14:51

:substitute "live" feedback. Interesting project for #neovim 0.2…

2016 Thu May 19 19:29

@ghostwan A toute :)

2016 Wed May 18 17:01

Binding #c++ in #python: consider pybind11 instead of boost::python or #swig:

2016 Mon May 16 13:51

Stop Working So Hard:…, by @glyph 
Interesting read!

2016 Fri May 13 22:50

After vim-fugitive, I had to patch nerdtree too. Hope I don't have to that too often ...…

2016 Fri May 13 15:34

#cmake devs are rewriting their entire C++ code base to use a better style and enforce it with #clang-format…

2016 Wed May 11 14:56

#vim: One good way is to type :unabbreviate bar
(Source :help unabbreviate)

2016 Wed May 11 14:54

#vim: 2 bad ways to undo :abbreviate foo bar

* try to type :unabbreviate foo (it wont'work)
* restart vim

2016 Tue May 10 11:14

@tupperVim Challenge accepted!

2016 Mon May 09 22:16

#github tip: you can use an atom feed to follow neovim's commits:…

2016 Mon May 09 21:39

@proullon why use subprocess when you have a nice lib to do it using i3 socket directly?

2016 Mon May 09 20:54

Added a new page to my blog with tons of links:…

This page will be updated frequently...

2016 Mon May 09 11:03

@framasky @nojhan pacman -Scc ?

2016 Mon May 09 09:26

explorer.exe knows how to connect to ftp server with username and password.
Just type in the top bar

2016 Sat May 07 13:44

If you're using Linux and want to get listed, consider following @iuselinux

2016 Sat May 07 13:30

#archlinux users: don't forget to merge new triplet in your makepkg.conf…

2016 Thu May 05 13:15……

$ git diff master:foo.c devel:foo.c


2016 Thu May 05 13:14

@d_merej Answering myself: you can use

git diff master:foo.c


2016 Wed May 04 18:58

Interesting post on build systems:…

2016 Wed May 04 18:45

Notes on compiling @neovim on #cygwin:…

2016 Tue May 03 17:33

@RegexTip @guillaumeseren Or in #Python, use re.VERBOSE:…

2016 Tue May 03 14:15

I never knew that!…

2016 Tue May 03 13:26

Decrypting a #rot13 encoded paragraph with #vim:
(I'll let you guess how to do the encryption ...)