September 2016

2016 Fri September 30 22:47

Interesting idea on how to use mocks you can trust, by @itamarst :…

2016 Fri September 30 22:44

New link added to
Code Without Rules:…

2016 Fri September 30 19:37

Trying out using twitter from bitlbee (…)

2016 Thu September 29 20:23

#LT: It's true and I've seen it work on Windows 10 with my own puzzled eyes.
I'd love to find out how and why this happens ...

2016 Thu September 29 20:22

#TIL that you can fix the weird "file extended attributes are inconsistent' on #windows by ... changing stuff in the sound settings

2016 Tue September 27 18:34

@d_merej #LT : thanks @jobarda for the tip!

2016 Tue September 27 18:19

#TIL You can't select the text of a #Windows error box, but you can copy its contents with CTRL-C and get a nice AS……

2016 Sun September 25 14:42

@sam_et_max Et ben ça me donne une bonne raison de me pencher sur la question :) Je jetterai un œil à click un de ces quatre.

2016 Sun September 25 14:36

@sam_et_max Pas dit. J'ai pas assez d'expérience avec click pour me faire un avis :)

2016 Sun September 25 14:35

@sam_et_max Je peux le traduire pour publication sur votre site si vous voulez :)

2016 Sun September 25 14:34

@sam_et_max Un article qui pourrait vous intéresser:…

2016 Sun September 25 14:33

@ThePracticalDev just published an article you may find interesting:…

2016 Sun September 25 14:28

See also my answer to the docopt challenge…

2016 Sun September 25 14:28

New blog post: #docopt versus #argparse…

2016 Wed September 21 18:24

#TIL you can get info about a #Windows error message directly from #cmd.exe:

net helpmsg <NUMBER>

See here:…

2016 Tue September 20 18:51

Nice post by @ExceptionFound:
Ancient ORACLE, Modern IIS, and a Failure to RTFM:…

Please read til the end :)

2016 Sat September 17 15:54

New blog post: A npm story:…

2016 Fri September 16 18:52

New link added to

2016 Fri September 16 12:36

To create a 'unixy' hidden file from explorer.exe, add a dot at the end:
 `.foo.` will be renamed to `.foo` by the OS

2016 Thu September 15 22:09

New link added to
Dark Scrum:…

2016 Mon September 12 19:03

Seen on mailing list, by E.Martin: how to only run the tests that have changed:

2016 Thu September 08 21:56

New link added to
Serverless Decentralized Editing of Encrypted Stuff:

2016 Thu September 08 21:14

New link added to
The 100% correct way to validate email addresses:…

2016 Thu September 08 21:14

New link added to…:…

2016 Wed September 07 20:37

For the curious, this was generated by this #python script:…

2016 Wed September 07 20:35

some #git stats about @neovim project.
Each line shows how much changed between each release:

2016 Sat September 03 18:59

New link added to
Testing, for people who hate testing:…

2016 Fri September 02 20:21

#neovim: Cleaning up `eval.c` one refactoring at a time:
Keep up the good work!

2016 Fri September 02 20:18

Use this if for instance QtCreator cannot find 'ninja'

2016 Fri September 02 20:17

Starting #QtCreator on mac:
$ open -a /Applications/Qt\ CMakeLists.txt
(same $PATH as in your shell)

2016 Thu September 01 19:33

#Neovim may not have :smile, but fortunately, there's a plug-in for that now:… :)