January 2017

2017 Tue January 31 20:33

@importpython @climagic how to use Python3 to build nice CLIs:

2017 Tue January 31 20:20

New #blog post
symlinks made easier:dmerej.info/blog/post/syml…

2017 Tue January 31 18:37

#neovim now comes with a .desktop file
(to run with xdg launchers)

2017 Mon January 30 19:06

RT @stevelosh: I've still got 11 more projects looking for a good home: stevelosh.com/projects/#look…

Let me know if you're interested.

2017 Mon January 30 18:41

Using #rr to debug some use after free bugs in #vim:

2017 Mon January 30 18:25

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
Maslow’s pyramid of code review: blog.d3in.org/post/111338685…

2017 Sat January 28 17:54

I'll no longer follow more than 20 people on twitter.
You can read more about why on my blog:

2017 Sat January 28 17:48

New blog post
Twitter and me, me and twitter: dmerej.info/blog/post/twit…

2017 Sat January 28 12:37

Wrote a little #CLI tool this morning:
Maybe you'll find it useful.

2017 Fri January 27 20:47


#neovim stable PPA for Ubuntu

2017 Wed January 25 20:41

#archlinux removing 32bits support.
Fun fact: this was an April's fool joke in 2009:

2017 Wed January 25 19:59

I love the fact that the neovim project made this possible.
Current #vim behavior makes no sense :P

2017 Wed January 25 19:58

Should #neovim change the behavior of `:edit:`?


2017 Wed January 25 19:50

For my French followers, a short poem:

2017 Tue January 24 20:12


I need those two changes when I go from Arch to Ubuntu.

Does someone knows why ?

2017 Tue January 24 19:45

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
godep: github.com/tools/godep

2017 Tue January 24 19:45

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
What does it take to be a good programmer?: dimitrov2k.wordpress.com/2017/01/22/wha…

2017 Mon January 23 20:01

New blog post
Is TDD Worth It?: dmerej.info/blog/post/is-t…

2017 Mon January 23 07:39

@sam_et_max Han! C'est ca que je voulais!
Notez que ça utilise aussi pipfile:

2017 Mon January 23 07:38

RT @sam_et_max: Le dernier project de Kenneth Reitz, un outil qui mélange pip + venv + pipfreeze, est super chouette kennethreitz.org/essays/announc…

2017 Sun January 22 15:42

New blog post
Introducing dmerej's newsletter: dmerej.info/blog/post/intr…

2017 Sat January 21 15:30

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
I don’t like computers: happyassassin.net/2016/11/04/i-d…

2017 Sat January 21 12:27

Beautiful maths:

2017 Sat January 21 09:59

Tracking #python memory leak, by @mbenbernard :

2017 Fri January 20 21:40

@Delapouite it's a builtin for both shells
The solution is to use:
$ /usr/bin/kill -L
which works anywhere

2017 Fri January 20 21:38

RT @Delapouite: So kill -L is working on bash but not on zsh… I need to investigate this mystery.

But top Google results lead to https://t…

2017 Mon January 16 14:28

@hsablonniere @fabi1cazenave oups sorry :/

2017 Mon January 16 12:09

@hsablonniere @fabi1cazenave 
Granted, rst syntax kinda sucks, but you can
use markdown with Sphinx if needed :)

2017 Mon January 16 11:56

@hsablonniere @fabi1cazenave 
Or use:
`pip install Sphinx` 
You'll get kinda the same thing, plus:
* easy i10n
* hosting on readthedocs

2017 Mon January 16 11:54

@hsablonniere @fabi1cazenave 
The dockerfile kinda gives the answer:

2017 Mon January 16 11:53

@hsablonniere @fabi1cazenave 
Why do you need to pull a docker image just for installing _one_ ruby program?

2017 Mon January 16 11:46

obligatory xkcd:

2017 Mon January 16 11:45

I'm trying to show that you _can_ have constructive comments by simply following some simpe rules.
See here:

2017 Sun January 15 21:00

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
twtxt.readthedocs.io/en/latest/: decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers

2017 Sun January 15 14:08

@fabi1cazenave Same here.
Kinda reminded me of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (Toki o kakeru shôjo)

2017 Sun January 08 05:20

Announce: I've decided to no longer follow more than 20 people.
Maybe one day I'll explain why on my blog. 
(Not sure yet)

2017 Sat January 07 22:04

@importpython You're welcome.
In return, can I ask for this URL to be in your newsletter ?
Please DM if you're OK.

2017 Sat January 07 21:24

Du #Python, du #Cul et plein d'autres trucs.
(La plupart appris sur le blog "Sam & Max")
C'est cadeau

2017 Sat January 07 20:24

@fabi1cazenave I've finally managed to write some HTML/CSS code I was proud of:
What do you think?

2017 Sat January 07 19:48

@MJKlaim Y a plein de références un peu cachées à Aldeb dedans :)

2017 Sat January 07 19:47

@thecleancoders I used #TDD and then throw everything but the production code.
The result is here:
 Discuss :)

2017 Sat January 07 19:28

Here's the link:

2017 Sat January 07 19:26

I made a @github #gamedev today.

Hope you'll like it.

2017 Fri January 06 21:32

I knew you'd like it :)
I'll probably need  help for front end.
(Backend is really really simple) twitter.com/fabi1cazenave/…

2017 Fri January 06 21:02

If you're in Paris at the end of February, you can come and see my talk:
#safe #open #hack #security #humans

2017 Fri January 06 20:49

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
SIGAVDI: virtuouscode.com/newsletter/

2017 Fri January 06 20:49

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
Software Clown: softwareclown.com

2017 Fri January 06 20:49

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
Import Python: importpython.com/newsletter/

2017 Fri January 06 20:24

You can now leave comments under my collection of intersting links:

But please read the rules first.

2017 Fri January 06 20:23

New #blog post.
How to build decentralized social networks:

2017 Thu January 05 22:27


This is awesome on so many levels:
#go, #neovim and #microsoft working together

2017 Wed January 04 20:56

Announce: I've decided to no longer follow more than 20 people.
I'll explain why on my next blog post.
(tldr: bonne résolution pour 2017)

2017 Wed January 04 19:55

My humble proposal about #vim commit messages:

Poke @neovim

2017 Wed January 04 00:53

@ThePracticalDev We also do not know how to type: see image

2017 Wed January 04 00:50

@ThePracticalDev But #love trumps #hate: see image

2017 Tue January 03 21:26

Dead simple display manager for #linux:

source: bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?…

poke @climagic

2017 Tue January 03 20:27

RT @VimRefined: WIP: a simple markdown preview

#VimR (#Neovim) see image

2017 Mon January 02 21:59

@guyzmo Nice :) I prefer using a full-fledge bash script for the alias:


It seems your version fetches things twice

2017 Mon January 02 21:21

Speeds from
* motherfuckingwebsite.com
* my blog ( dmerej.info/blog )
* a  #python #flask  app w/ #uwsgi
(… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

2017 Mon January 02 20:50

TLDR: #agile works unles you are writing "revolutionary" software

2017 Mon January 02 20:47

New link added to dmerej.info/links
10 things I learned making the fastest site in the world: hackernoon.com/10-things-i-le…

2017 Mon January 02 20:18

New link added to dmerej.info/links
How I converted my React app to VanillaJS: hackernoon.com/how-i-converte…

2017 Mon January 02 19:44

RT @blakemessick: my neighbor just got an unsecured wireless printer, so I sent this to him see image

2017 Mon January 02 19:39

RT @jugedadouche: Quand les mis en cause sont des primos dont les gendarmes n'ont pas de photo, ils récupèrent souvent des photos sur Faceb…

2017 Mon January 02 19:37

RT @avdi: If I had more time, I would have written less code.

2017 Mon January 02 19:25

RT @XplodingUnicorn: Me: *to a cashier* Happy New Year.

6-year-old: How do you know the New Year will be happy?

Me: I don't

6: So you're…