April 2017

2017 Thu April 27 21:10

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
The Problem With Heroes In Software Development: dev.to/pbeekums/the-p…

2017 Thu April 27 16:21

Trying to help a friend:

2017 Tue April 25 13:23

RT @MatthieuKeller: Prochain @tupperVim Parisien le 16 mai dans les locaux de mozilla @MozillaParis.
Inscrivez vous sur le pad https://t.co…

2017 Sat April 22 20:27

Made a big  #refactoring, but that's a topic for an other day.
(Maybe a #blog post)
Commit is here: github.com/dmerejkowsky/t… for the curious

2017 Sat April 22 20:26

New release of twittback, featuring a RSS feed.

#python #flask

2017 Fri April 21 11:06

@sam_et_max pbs.twimg.com/media/C6-7GdEX…

2017 Thu April 20 19:14

I now have an account on #mastodon
follow me at dmerej@mamot.fr

2017 Wed April 19 19:12

On sait enfin à quoi sert twitter \o/

2017 Tue April 18 21:35

Introducing twittback, a nice and user-friendly backup of your twitter timeline:
#twitter #python #flask #backup

2017 Sun April 16 12:58

@guyzmo Just started using it. Seems to work great so far. Thanks!

2017 Sat April 15 14:59

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory: hackernoon.com/12-signs-youre…

2017 Fri April 14 12:58

New #blog post
How I Lint My Python: dmerej.info/blog/post/how-…

2017 Wed April 12 19:54

Just saw Warm Bodies.
Never though a #zombie movie would move me that much ❤️

2017 Tue April 11 18:31

New #blog post
Introducing python-cli-ui: dmerej.info/blog/post/intr…

2017 Tue April 11 12:36

Pour ceux qui ont raté ma présentation au cinq ans de @tupperVim , les slides sont disponibles sur mon site:

2017 Mon April 10 21:14

@sam_et_max Ça se place au niveau au-dessus en fait. J'ai mis à jour le README avec des examples

2017 Mon April 10 18:32

. @sam_et_max un petit bout de code Python utile pour faire des  #CLI colorées:
Retours bienvenus :)

2017 Mon April 10 11:02

I've open sourced a small #python module I've been using several times to build nice #CLI interfaces:

2017 Sat April 08 16:20

Changes in #neovim #git workflow:
(Featuring a nice git alias)

2017 Sat April 08 13:56

I've decided to cross-post my latest #blog article on dev.to too:
Let's see what happens!

Poke @ThePracticalDev

2017 Sat April 08 13:30

New #blog post
CMake, Visual Studio, and the Command Line: dmerej.info/blog/post/cmak…

2017 Sat April 08 13:29

New link added to dmerej.info/blog/pages/lin…
dsert: Library to test all fields of a python dictionary: github.com/paxos-bankchai…

2017 Thu April 06 19:37

had to kill -9 a webpack process that was blocking our entire gitlab-ci stack
#love #javascript

2017 Mon April 03 17:54

@MatthieuKeller @fabi1cazenave @tupperVim @MozillaParis moi :)